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Poetry Books

Volume I: Poetry titled A-M. Poems written over a fifty-year span 1962-2012. 288 poems.


Volume II: Poetry titled N-Z. Poems written 1962-2012, 318 pages; 260 poems, concordance, and chronological list.  $11.99/each

Selected poems religiously inspired, 84 pages; 55 poems


Selected poems food and diet related;  66 poems (37 new);102 pages


Books make nice  Presents!

(Hint! Hint!)

Sixteen short stories from an award-winning author. Each story will surprise and entertain you.


Recent Release


Past Lives Before Now


Rose Klix shares twenty-three past life journeys based on soul memories she discovered through regression techniques.



(Available in Paperback and on Kindle versions at Amazon.)


Rose Klix's books are available for purchase from these stores:





New Age

Rose revisits her previous lifetimes through regression and explores her soul's purpose.


Includes Rose's:

-Old Tatt (short story)

-Perfect Score (short story)

-Canning Time (poem)

$9.00 paperback

$2.00 Kindle

Includes Rose's Story:

- Rachel's Daffy-dills

$7.46 paperback

$7.99 Kindle

Includes Rose's Poem

- Daughter of Selu

$13.00 paperback

Includes Rose's Poems:

-Natural Home

-Ears of Corn

$13.00 paperback

$4.99 Kindle

Out of Print Quilt Books

written by Rose Klix for Evelyn Rose's Pioneer Quilt Shop students.

Adventures in Quilting

Beginners' Quilt Book for handmade quilts

More Adventures in Quilting

Intermediate Book for a handmade sampler quilt.

Folk Art Sampler Quilt

Evelyn Rose's original pattern book to create a folk art quilt.

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