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Harvesting Smiles



You beam

like you won

the Power Ball;

eyes gleaming

and delighting.


Your pride

is searing

like sunshine

melting snow.

What is it?


I relished your mood

Look – you offer

your outstretched

Wal-Mart plastic bag.

I see dirt crusted cucumbers,


vine ripened tomatoes,

green peppers, zucchini

and yellow squash, -

your garden harvest,

an all organic inventory.  




Published on the e-zine "All Things Girl" for their Sept/Oct 2008 Harvest edition and in Pastiche of Poetry, Volume I, avialable on the Book Store page of this website. It is a two-volume set representing Rose's fifty year collection of poetry.

Wye Oak Tree,

Wye Mills, Maryland

1540 to June 6, 2002



A turbulent thump echoed throughout

Maryland, as catastrophic winds

dropped your branch-tips

to the cruel pavement.  Your damaged  

torso convulsed the ground.  Citizens

cried from bay to mountain to city.  

Oh, champion Wye Oak,

for five centuries you defied

lightning, fire, and industrial progress.



Like an old war general you proudly

displayed the wires anchoring your

branches; relieving your stress.  Humans

were fenced away from your tender roots.

Many interventions didn’t stop the wrinkles

of disease in your death challenging battle.



My natural ambassador, you won many

a skirmish, but nature won the war.

Now scientists study your diseases;

your clones are nurtured in other parks.

Each, leaf, branch and root is cataloged

and saved for someone’s special artwork.


I whined when you were gone

and moaned there comes a time

for all of us to part this world.

You were our beloved state tree

and I celebrate your longevity.  

In my imagination, you will

eternally stretch your arms to touch

the sigh of each visiting cloud and

forever be our oldest wooden companion.




Published in Iguana Review Potluck and Poetry Issue #5 Summer 2005


and in Pastiche of Poetry, Volume I, available on the Book Store page of this website. This two-volume set represents Rose's fifty year collection of poetry.