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Select Poems by Rose Klix


Rose's Poetry history: In 2005, using pen name C. A. Rose (see a rose), she desktop published three chapbooks of poetry illustrated with her photographs.

She was once dubbed as the Poet-in-Residence for one church in Greenbelt, Maryland, because she submitted a poem to each monthly newsletter.

In 2012, Rose discovered poetry has been in her blood for fifty years. Therefore, she compiled her anniversary collection of all her poems and was surprised to fill a two-volume set entitled Pastiche of Poetry. "Who knew all those poems were hiding in my computer's hard drive?"

Poetry Society of Tennessee awarded Rose the honorary title of Poet Laureate in 2010-11 for her efforts organizing talented area poets and founding a NE Tennessee branch (PST-NE).

In 2013, Rose published two more poetry books, God, My Greatest Love a collection of her religiously inspired poems and Eat, Diet, Repeat a collection of food and dieting related poems.

Rose felt too far removed from her audience at the Johnson City Public Library, June 2010.

A close-up of herJohnson City Public Library reading.

Rose enjoyed interacting with fellow writers and the public during a Lost State Writers' Guild sponsored event, Fort Henry Mall, Kingsport, Christmas 2009.

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