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Appearances & Activities

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Have an accomplished writer teach authors in your community by partnering with Rose. She enjoys attending group writing workshops and meetings. Additionally, she is available for other gatherings and activities, including:

Book Signings

Did you know that an author's signature increases the value of books for collectors? That's why Rose is happy to appear at book signings for her publications. Not only will book lovers and authors benefit from these events, but also bookstores. Book signings help stores increase their sales. Moreover, they allow writers to connect with their fans and answer their questions.


Rose is also a fan of attending prose and poetry workshops. At these gatherings, she loves to provide presentations that are enjoyable and informational. Her most recent presentation, "What Do Poetry Judges Want?" explains what poetry judges are looking for when they critique poems. She also discussed her experiences as a contestant and judge. Rose successfully presented this workshop at the Rapid City Public Main Library in South Dakota and the Halls Branch Library in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Poetry & Prose Judging

Have the work presented by your poetry or prose contestants judged fairly by hiring Rose. She uses her experience as an award-wining, published poet and writer to review poetry and prose for competitions. Rose has been selected as a judge in the annual National Federation of Poetry Societies ( competition. Rose organized and selected judges for the Appalachian Fair's first poetry contest and the Sesquicentennial (150 year) Johnson City, TN celebration poetry competition. Rose recently judged the Poetry Society of SD chapbook contest and presented "What Do Poetry judges Want?" at libraries in Rapid City, SD, Knoxville, TN, and at a Poetry Society of TN - NE branch meeting.

To retain her as a contest judge, please contact her today.

Readings & Speaking Events

Rose enjoys any opportunity to connect with her readers, share excerpts from her books, and meet fellow authors. For this reason, she is open to invitations for readings and speaking engagements at local libraries and colleges in Tennessee. Rose can also make public appearances at open mic nights and events hosted by writing and poetry groups.

Rose Klix Reading at a Book Store

Rose At the Johnson City Public Library

Rose Klix Portrait